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5 Ugly Truth About Exterior Paint Combination

Exterior house painting is not like indoor wall painting. It is highly imperative to choose a color scheme that will work for the outside of your home, since you cannot change the siding and exterior paint colors once they have been applied. Exterior wall painting can be done by a professional, or even if you have adequate experience in painting, you can do it yourself. There are some tips, though, that you will want to keep in mind to ensure a successful project.

The best exterior paint combination, as far as color goes, is a medium brown and an earth tone or off-white. You can use this color combination on its own or you can accent it with various other colors, depending on what you are going for. One idea would be to paint the exterior of your home in a medium brown and then create various borders with off-white accents. By creating these borders, you would be creating a lighter border than you would if you simply applied a medium brown border all around the house. For ideas, take a drive around your neighborhood and see what color combinations are available.

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Another option for an exterior painting project is to create a white trim. This is not an easy task, which is why it is usually a good idea to hire a professional to complete it. However, if you are trying to create a white trim, start by painting the exterior trim in a medium white. Make sure that you are working on the edges of the yard so that you don't end up having a white trim running through your yard. If you don't have white trim to work with, you could always purchase one; just be sure that you buy one that matches the style of your house.

Your ch
5 Cottage Color Schemes You’ll Love – Kelly-Moore Paints – exterior paint combination | exterior paint combination
oices for an interior… or modern exterior house paint colors extend far beyond the borders of your house. Walls play an important role in determining the overall look of your home. By choosing a wall that has a unique color, you will be creating visual interest for your guests and neighbors. If you want a simpler look, try a white wall. You can accent this with pebbles or other objects… or you can choose a bold color to contrast with your wall.

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Curb appeal is a major factor in determining what color you choose for your facade. Most homeowners ignore curb appeal when they are painting their homes, but neglecting to pay attention to this area can make all the difference in the world. A dull, gray or even black exterior curb appeal can make your house look cheap. However, these same colors will also give an older, more worn-out appearance to your home. Choosing a warm color like red to compliment your brick driveway can go a long way toward improving curb appeal. However, you should keep in mind that brick will become dirty… and it is not easy to keep it looking like new.

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The colour palette you use on your roof is very important. If you use a warm shade of colour like red, then your roof will end up looking washed out. On the other hand, if you choose a cool shade like brown, you will give the appearance of a larger roof surface. If your roof is painted a dark colour, then you will almost certainly need to paint it a different shade of brown… unless you are able to achieve an identical shade of brown with no streaking or pitting.

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If you are thinking about painting your brick house a bold colour such as red, then you may be tempted to do the same on the side of your home facing the street. Unfortunately, brick house exteriors that are painted red cannot always be prevented from streaking. You will need to make sure that your brick home's exterior paint colours have adequate amount of paint to ensure that your new vibrant paint job will be able to withstand years of wear and tear.

Another aspect to consider when choosing your exterior paint colours is the type of window treatments that you will be using. For example, roller shutters can help to protect your home from the elements by providing insulation and sound dampening properties. However, if you would like your shutters to complement the rest of your home, then you could opt for Bahama shutters. In either case, you should ensure that you consider the types of shutters that will be most appealing to the majority of your visitors. If you choose your shutters carefully, you can create an aesthetically pleasing design ideas without spending more than you want.