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The Best Colors to Accent your Bedroom

The best colors to accent your bedroom are neutral shades which create a sense of calm, relaxed, and comfortable. While the exact best color for sleep will vary depending on who you are, here's a list of some of the best bedroom colors to enhance sleep and the benefits related to each. Blue: The color blue has been linked to sleep. Studies have shown that light blue has similar effects on human behavior as does green. So, adding blue bedding and pillows to your bedroom can be very helpful in helping you get a good night's rest. However, make sure that you keep other colors from creeping into your room too soon.

Yellow: Yellow is considered to be one of the best bedroom colors to wake up to. In fact, studies have shown that people who are exposed to yellow are happier than those who are exposed to other colors. This is because being happy makes you more productive. However, if you are the type to constantly be in action, opting for yellow might not work well. If you're after a soothing color like off-white, a yellow crib sheet will work well but don't go overboard.

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Pink: Some may associate pink with girls, but this color is actually considered to be one of the best bedroom colors to wake up to when it comes to relaxation. It calms the nerves and promotes feelings of wellbeing. Pink is considered to work well for both sexes and goes great with neutral shades like off-white or cream. Some pink accents work better than others so pay attention to this when choosing colors to pair with your existing decor.

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Green: Some may associate green with grass, but this color is considered one of the best bedroom colors to promote restful sleep. One reason is that it makes you think of freshness, especially when you get up in the morning. Aged skin tones benefit from vibrant shades of green. Green also works well with many neutral shades so feel free to stray from your usual colors if you're used to using them. Shades such as ivory and cream go well with a nice deep shade of green.

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Blue: If you want to wake up feeling rested, blue is one color you can't afford to miss. The calming mood it gives is hard to match with any other color, which is why many choose it for their mattress. There are some shades of blue that work best though, so check the fabric of your mattress before settling on any one shade. A good night's rest is a must for good quality sleep, so adding a soothing shade of blue to your bedding will definitely do the trick.

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Moodboard: If you're not sure what kind of moodboard you need for your bedroom, it's best to get one designed by a professional. These experts will be able to take a look at your personal color scheme and create a moodboard that can help you find the right colors for your room. They'll also be able to give you advice on choosing complimentary colors that can brighten up the room. Moodboards can also come in the form of stickers or printable wallpaper that you can install on your walls. If you don't have a moodboard, consider purchasing a beautiful piece of fabric or pillow cover that reminds you of something you like. This will be an instant pick me up that will instantly set you on the right track.

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Boho Decor: With so many ethnic influences and designs to choose from, boho decor is one of the most popular types of bedroom colors today. It's perfect for those who enjoy an earthy, country vibe but who also want to make the space feel cozy and welcoming. A great thing about boho decor is that it's both stylish and affordable. Some designers create gorgeous bedding sets that would fit right in with an authentic boho bedroom design, while other designers feature more modern styles that are also charming and unique. Either way, you're sure to find the best bedroom colors to suit your design needs.

Modern Interior Design: When it comes to finding the best bedroom colors, you might also be interested in modern bedroom paint colors. This type of design is all about mixing bold tones with warm hues. Pinks, blues, oranges, and tangerines are often featured, along with some other surprising hues. You'll love how the combination of different shades can lighten up a room without sacrificing elegance. To make things even better, you can often find this type of decor inspired by vintage photographs of today's trendy, hip locations.