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Country Style Kitchen

Country Style Kitchen. A country style kitchen is designed to be lived in, and not to be just displayed as a show kitchen. Instead, it has a very unique, inviting down to Earth appeal and cozy, homely appearance, which is mostly brought about by simple, accessible design elements and practical layout characteristics.

Country style kitchens are very welcoming and can really make your home feel like a warm inviting home, one that makes you want to spend more and get more done. Here are some tips on making yours a real treat.

Make the most of your storage space. One of the country style kitchen's major appeal is its abundant amount of cupboards and storage spaces. Everything from the linens to the oven and refrigerator can be found to hanging in an organized fashion.

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The key to pulling off this look is in the planning, but one thing that you can do to make your kitchen an easy find for all your storage needs is to install high backed cabinets with honeycomb or ribbed tops.

Choose warm colours. Warm colours tend to have an innate quality of comfort, elegance, and relaxation. This is the country charm in a nutshell. Choose soft pastel and neutral colours that will compliment your worktop choices as well as your appliances and flooring. Alternatively you could go with a bold colour scheme, but just make sure that there is adequate contrast between the two in order to maintain the warmth that you are striving for.

Go for light colours. You'll find a wide variety of bright colours available when it comes to country design. However the dark colours tend to be more on the masculine side. You can offset this tendency with the right use of textures and finishes.

For example, rustic woods paired with shiny hardwoods can add a great deal of strength and stability to your kitchen, but you don't want to pair it with very feminine designs like pink. Stick to neutral colours that you know will complement the rest of your kitchen and the appliances.

Use original features. The original features of a country kitchen design are the beam width, floor spacing, and roof pitch. All these must be adapted to create that inviting appeal that you're after. For example, you can increase the beam width by using larger tiles on the floor. Alternatively, try using larger tiles on the roof pitch to create a more open and spacious feel.

Paint the walls in neutral colours. Although there are literally hundreds of colours to choose from when it comes to painting your walls, stick to one basic colour scheme for your entire kitchen. Use warm colours like red, yellow and orange for the walls. For the cabinet colours, stick to light pastel shades that you can paint onto the backs of your cabinets. This is the easiest way to create a country style kitchen design with painted walls that are truly unique and not just tacked on.

Don't paint your kitchen cabinets. Although painted kitchen cabinets can look wonderful in country style designs, they can also be distracting. In fact, hanging a colourful kitchen cabinet along with an over-sized dining table can actually make your kitchen look too busy and cluttered. So, stick to neutral colours for your kitchen cabinets and avoid painting them bright colours if you don't have to.

Use wrought iron for kitchen island furniture. If you've ever owned or seen a country kitchen design with lots of wooden pieces then you'll know why wrought iron is a great choice for this type of furniture. It creates a rustic vibe that is truly authentic. However, for this type of furniture you do need to make sure you pick out solid, well-crafted pieces. Otherwise, the wrought iron feel will come across as cheap and flimsy and it will not last long. 

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