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Story Behind Swallow Tattoo

Story Behind Swallow Tattoo. This week s popular tattoo trend is swallow tattoo designs, especially those that relate to water. I, personally, absolutely love swallow tattoos. They're just fun and playful, and they're some of the cutest birds to watch and listen to.

Also, if you want to make it more personal, you can have it just about anywhere on your body. From the wrist to the ankle, to the shoulder blade, to the lower back, there's a lot of room for one or two swallow tattoo designs.

The history of sailors and their connection with water goes all the way back to the ancient times. In Greek mythology, it is said that swallows were the companions and servants of Odysseus, who legend says traveled through the waters of Mycenae. Some believe that the story is a bit fake, but the symbolism is still relevant today.

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The sailors of old used swallows as their method of crossing from one island to another, carrying their provisions and supplies with them. It's a symbol of their wide travel in the sea and a sign of their sturdy courage and endurance.

So why exactly did sailors choose the swallow tattoo design? What's the symbolic meaning behind it? Why now? There are many theories regarding the meaning and symbolism of sailors and swallows, each having different answers that may not be true.

For instance, some say it's because the swallow is always near the coast, which meant it provided safety and an easy journey for sailors. But other sailors believe that the meaning of this bird means freedom, perseverance, fertility, and honor.

These meanings, some sailors think, symbolize their lifelong quest for independence, a sense of pride and accomplishment, and a sense of honor and dignity. It was a symbol of their respect for the land, their love for their fellow sailors, and their determination to follow their dream and make it through to adulthood.

These things are important to identify, since everyone wants to have a fulfilling life and a meaningful future. Achieving your dreams is part of that process, and a way of honoring those that came before you.

Another reason is that since sailors had very limited resources in their time, a sense of honor and responsibility was important to them. If they didn't accomplish their goals, they had every right to feel depressed or to blame themselves

 A sense of honor and responsibility is important to the sailors and their families back home, since without it they would have never survived long enough to leave their home ports. Sailors that traveled over 10,000 nautical miles had the longest sailing experience of their lives.

Another reason, some sailors believe, for the popularity of forked swallow tattoo designs is that they symbolized the passage of time. Over time, swallows come in different colors. Some have red; others have black and gray. Red represents life; black and gray symbolize death. Many times a combination of these colors would represent an ongoing transition from one life to another. For sailors it was important to remember that while they were on their journeys they were symbolically traveling toward freedom.

The swallow tattoo meaning also has to do with the swallow itself. Since birds are meant to symbolize rebirth and renewal, it makes sense that a sailor would have a bird on their person. It's also common for sailors to find swallows or other birds on the mast as they set sail. In ancient times the Vikings were known to use swallows as symbols of the gods. Whether these meanings are true or not, it is a fascinating part of history that we are all familiar with. We often associate swallows with Christianity and the idea of a holy mission.

In conclusion, a great way to remember your origin and your place in the world is by getting a swallow tattoo. These birds symbolize endurance and loyalty. We're all sailors at heart and that's what the meaning is in these tattoos. If you are a sailor at heart you probably already understand the concept behind the tattoo. Getting this inked on your arm will let the world know how loyal you are and it will serve as constant reminder of your heritage and the hardships of your past.

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