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Horizontal Business Cards

Horizontal Business Cards. There are endless creative ways to develop a unique and stylish card, but choosing between a vertical or horizontal business cards layout is likely one of your first choices. Ultimately, it all depends on your business's message, which is ultimately the most important part of any card. So, if you're stuck on one choice, don't be afraid to explore other options. Hopefully these examples are inspiring enough for your next card-related design project.

Vertical-based business cards are very common, and can be very aesthetically appealing. They are also very effective at communicating the professionalism of your brand. The benefit of a vertical business cards layout is the wide, open aspect that gives a clean, organized feel. These types of cards often feature simple, clean lines with a rectangular shape.

While many consider horizontal layouts to be more aesthetically appealing, they do not have the professional effect that vertical ones do. While this may seem like a contradiction, there are actually several reasons why vertical business cards are a better option for businesses. A vertical layout is easier to read, which is important for potential clients. Plus, they are less likely to appear cluttered than horizontal ones. There are even some horizontal business cards which are turned into a flip top wallet!

Designing business cards – horizontal business cards

If your brand is stylized or focuses on a specific aesthetic, it may be best to stick with a more traditional, white/blue horizontal layout. This allows the branding to be consistent throughout all of your marketing materials, while also providing an opportunity to communicate the brand's personality. If you want to add your logo or mascot to your cards, this is a great way to do so. Just make sure you do not over do it and that it does not conflict with the lettering on the brand.

One important thing to note when choosing between vertical and horizontal business cards is that there are differences in sizing. As a general rule, business cards with a taller, thin design will look more formal than those with a shorter, wider design. If you are unsure about whether you want to go with the taller, thinner designs or the wider, longer ones, you can always change them at a later date.

Another difference between vertical and horizontal business cards is the contact information you are able to display. Vertical business cards tend to include more detailed contact information, including an email address, phone number, and physical address. The horizontal business cards tend to be more generic, allowing for a much greater amount of blank space where you can write your own contact information. It all depends on your brand and how you wish to portray your professionalism.

The third and final difference between vertical and horizontal business cards comes in the size of the card. Vertical business cards tend to be more professional looking and are generally used by larger companies and corporations. They are also more suited to being given out in trade shows and presentations. If you are just starting out with your brand, it may be best to go with a smaller, standard size.

As you can see, there are a variety of differences between vertical and horizontal business cards designs. For some small businesses, these differences are not an issue, as most are not looking for a very fancy and elaborate design. For other companies with more formalized dress codes, it may be a good idea to stick with the more formal designs. As you get started in your brand building and marketing efforts, using these different types of business card templates can help to create the perfect business cards.

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